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The Loss of my Grandchild

The first son of my son arrived the other day,

brother and sister born hand in hand.

Oh...what a wonderful bond.

Who would have known two would be forever torn apart?

When Liam said goodbye to his sister, Keira,

after a few brief moments of togetherness,

who would have known they would be forever torn apart? The pain in my heart, the tears in my soul are forever.

I will never get to babble silly baby talk, get a smile or two, or croon the sleepy lullabies I wanted to sing to you.

I wanted to rock you in my rocking chair,

rock you to and fro.

Grandfather’s arms are not meant to be empty.

From the day your dad grew up and went away,

I waited and waited for this day, but not this day.

I waited for my first baseball game with you,

I waited to hold your hand as you took mine,

I waited for our first story together as you climbed into bed,

I waited for your first step and your first leap.

If my love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Liam, I will stop missing you…when I am with you.

Grand Dad

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