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A Novel 

The plot is artfully unpredictable, and imbued with an ambient atmosphere of foreboding. ​Tracey has fashioned an intensely gripping tale, a story intelligently undergirded by a thoughtful reflection on the elusiveness of one’s spiritual purpose on Earth. ~ Kirkus Reviews 

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A Novel

"The initial murders are shocking, and the presence of an unknown entity lurking under a popular park is wonderfully disturbing."  "Hints of a promising Hitchcock-ian thriller." ~ Kirkus Reviews


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Tales from the Tables


The hectic, sad, ever so funny, you must be kidding me life of a waiter and the day-to-day life of survival in the restaurant industry. This book will teach a guest how to eat for free with just a few key phrases.


Truly understand what your waitstaff is thinking about you as they approach your table and through-out your meal.

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Suspense Thriller Horror | D. L. Tracey  THE NEW VOICE OF HORROR & SO  MUCH  MORE
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