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Many Years from Now

Many years from now when I slowly fade away. I think of the things I shall miss. The wind and the rain, the never-ending crash of the waves on my beloved beaches of the Atlantic. The snow piled high for days on end and the warming crunch of the frozen snow beneath my feet as I trudge through life. I will miss never knowing children and grandchildren because of hate. I will miss the love of my dogs and their love for me. A good fried clam on the harbor in Plymouth. Late night talks with a few friends as the sun rose passing a joint between us. Tom Brady as he gets his 50th Superbowl ring. Yes, the patriot’s dynasty will never end. The beauty of a quiet morning before the wind awakens back in Kansas during my lost years. As the sun slowly baked the wheat fields the smell was great. Sometimes I still feel lost but now in the ages. My love for art and the magic of the theater. But what I will miss most is music, I don’t know how I would ever have survived life without the “tunes.” From A to Z I have listen to it all. Cried with Harry danced with the Bad Boys of Boston. Spent a New England Sunshine with Giles. Rode the Train with Angus and the beat goes on. Ten million moments from 45 to 78 on to eight-track and cassette, CD and now a little stick called IPOD. When the time comes what shall my last song be? What song shall I take on the long journey to the other side when many years from now I slowly fade away? For now, it will be a Sweet Emotion that will take me to the other side. What’s yours? ~ trace

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