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A Winnie the Pooh Moment...

I called my son Paul today, it had been some time since we have chatted (months) and I was worried that somehow that even with thousands of miles between us I had somehow messed up something between us. Then there is always some family member (who just doesn’t like you) trying to make sure life with your child will crumble. Or worse something was wrong with him or his beautiful wife.

“Hi Paul son of mine I haven’t heard from you in a while, is everything ok?” Holding my breath, I waited. “Hey dad, yes sorry I haven’t called you in a while, but we been busy, and time just seemed to slip away.” I could feel his pause in his breath the nervousness of what he had just to me. “Paul, I was worried that I had done something wrong and you had shut me out of your life. Your all I have son, yes there are many miles between us. Sometimes I feel like I am on another planet here in Texas, but it seems to fit who I am these days.”

We spent the next thirty-minutes talking about our daily life’s, his future, my future, and everything in between. (Paul has always been my best friend) “Well gotta go son of mine I love you and your wife both very much.” I could feel the smile on his face these so many miles away. “Love you too dad.” And then it happens the moment

“It is ok not to talk As long as we know we can talk.” Love you son

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon Little boy blue and the man in the moon "When you coming home, dad?" "I don't know when But we'll get together then You know we'll have a good time then." ~ Harry Chapin

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