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A Lonely moment in 1975

A lonely moment in 1975

After three days of drinking and drugging with Joe and Skip. I got this inkling to head on home to my apartment up on Winter St. So, I'm walking down Middle St. soaking in my own sweat. More of a stagger head hung low it’s 4 or 5 in the mornin' the thumb is not working. One of the few days I am not working at the joint up on Bridge St flipping burgers.

The sun's coming up and the birds are out singin' Wend my way up that stairway the elevator not working Sixty-three steps later I let myself into my pad My clothes hit the floor piece by piece I am five once more Stretch out nice on the bed of water a wave of nausea arrives McKinley Morganfield already on the turn table. And I just push that remote button to sublimity.

Listening to the sweet sculptural rhythms of Muddy Waters Hoochie Coochie Man Joined by bassist Willie Dixon and Little Walter Jacobs on harmonica Minglin' with the traffic noises outside, as the world starts to wake to a new day

Flick woooo ahhhhh smoke drifts slowly into the air as the weed cuts the waves The Sweet Emotion of Aerosmith pulls me through the waves and back into my high. I hear the door opening to my pad. I don’t care is it Minstrel in the Gallery - Jethro Tull

The sweet sound of my first older lover the dame from across the hall fill the air. Feel Like Makin' Love - Bad Company fills the air as the dame takes the joint takes a breast heaving hit long and strong bending down kisses me deeply pushing her tongue and smoke deep into me. Taking her clothes off the dame slips into bed wrapping around my body quickly falls asleep. A Soapbox Opera – Supertramp has begun . I am getting older now life is now at a full press.

Pushing my eighteen years to nineteen then who knows. Sooner or later, time's gonna take its toll on us all. trace ~ A moment in 1975

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