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A Letter to my Daughter

Dearest daughter,

It is my hope that you at least take the time to read this letter and not just discard it like some sort of annoyance from a stranger from your past. I am not a stranger but your dad. {A term I am sure you do not care to hear.} But like the song goes, “Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.” I have tried to talk to your brother, but it was useless. His hatred was intense and for no reason. There are always two-sides to any story of life. Devlin has chosen not to listen to mine. He is his mother’s child that is obvious. From what I know of you, you are your father’s daughter.

We are much alike in many ways. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. I love politics and have worked on a few campaigns in my time. I love dance and have seen more musicals in my life than I can remember {though I remember them all}. Sports is a passion of mine and I still play any sport I can make time for even as the years move forward on my body but not my heart for competition. I have a stubborn streak that would make a mule look understandable. I have lost much in exchange for pride sake at times. ~ Dad

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