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Galilee is an American psychological thriller horror novel written by D.L. Tracey. It was first published by I Universe publishers in December 2009, and then was re-published in 2021 by Author house publishers. The novel's narrative is based on the relationship of its four main characters – the newly ordained young priest, Father Hickey, fresh out of seven very long years of seminary school. Young, overachieving, and ambitious priest is sent to a backwater parish--and to make matters even worse, the priest he will replace dies just before he gets there, throwing him into a strange situation with no guidance.  The small parish The Church of Saint Peter at the edge of a fishing village was not what he hoped for as his first assignment.


The young priest meets Michael McDonough, owner of The Crow's Nest bar, while administering last rites to a fisherman on the docks of Galilee on his first day at the parish, and a friendship mentorship begins without the priest’s knowledge. A young waitress at the Crow’s Nest by the name of  Janie befriends the young priest and allows him into her troubled past.

The fourth person is Father Gilday, the priest who died a few days before the young priest’s arrival.


Galilee is a story about the horror that can befall a fishing village when no one is piecing together the signs!

Badb publishing

The plot is artfully unpredictable, and imbued with an ambient atmosphere of foreboding. ​Tracey has fashioned an intensely gripping tale, a story intelligently undergirded by a thoughtful reflection on the elusiveness of one’s spiritual purpose on Earth.

A Must Read !!

Kirkus Reviews 

Praise & Reviews

Awesome story! At first, I didn’t like Father Tommy Hickey because the moment he arrived at his first parish, he had nothing but complains. But then I realized that even though he’s a priest, he’s just like any of us who has hopes and dreams. 

 5 out of 5 stars
Shey Saints Reviews

Full of suspense and tension as one yearns to learn more about the characters, their fears, and the reason for their behaviors. The vivid description of the characters makes them realistic and distinguishable based on their physical traits and personalities. 

   4 out of 4 stars

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