Eight-year-old Tommy McGrath had drowned in one of the drainpipes that ran under the Esker, or was it murder? I guess that is always up to debate.   
A police officer died during the rescue attempt brutally mauled and ripped apart by something in the drain. Severerly injured during the rescue attempt one of the firefighters spent several days in the hospital. The only part ever found of the McGrath boy was a bloodied severed foot.
Now this thing going on was …different. Ten-year-old Adam Joyce disappearing in front of thirty parents at kids little league baseball game at Julia Road Park. While playing right field Adam bent down in the high grass to retrieve a baseball. The child was never seen again. Not even a scream to suggest foul play just gone.
Pets missing and most of the wild life were about gone on the Esker. What was going on up on the Esker? Park Ranger Ryan Gallagher turned and looked at the twelve thousand year old Glacier knowing the answer to all that was going on was up there somewhere.

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DL Tracey Author, Suspense, Life, Smile, Cry, Terror & More