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The best last day of anyone who has ever lived

Beep, beep, beep, Kind of a pleasant sound the man thought glancing at the ceiling of the hospital room. The room was brightly lit but he didn’t care it was his time.

The sting of IV’s in his old arms hurt just a bit but the warming effect of the drugs was kicking now.

Sounds of mummers of the doctors and relatives were talking in hush whispers off to his left just out of view. Guessing they think my hearing is gone or something I am still so alive.

No need to worry I have just had the best last day of anyone who has ever lived.

Thinking back on the day he realized it had hasten his own demise but better to leave with some special memories than to have left so much pain and sorrow for my family as they continued to watch his slow loss of dignity, pride, and of course eventual death. This was not to be death’s time this was my time. My time to choose my time to go and today is my time.

A walk on the beach where most of his crazy youth had been spent. Lunch with a few old dear friends to chat about the times of life we all shared. A large pizza with everything and a few cold beers and a long overdue joint of some of the best pot ever filled out the early afternoon lunch with good-byes and tears.

A walk with my most faithful companions of life leaving with my youngest with promises of taking care of the best dogs the world had ever known. Reading a book to the grandchildren and a dance with my daughter who was not yet married. I am feeling tired the day and my time are drawing closer together.

A trip to see the most beautiful woman I have ever know and tell her I will see you soon. But still have a few things to do yet.

Grabbing a cup of hot coffee just the way I like it. The music plays a bit to wild but on this journey of journeys a good push is needed so good rock and roll is the way to go. Jonny Lang – Lie to Me smooths out the edges as the pain strikes for a moment. Picking up my suitcase I am all packed and ready to go.

Beep, Beep, Beep, “Hmm, so much pain around me I can feel so much pain and, yet I am seeing happiness in front of me. Hi babe, I knew you would come to get me. I have just had the best last day of anyone who has ever lived.”


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