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In a small town called Weymouth

Once a giant came a wandering late at night when the world was still.

Seeking for a stool to sit on he climbed a little green hill.

When the giant reached the highest part of it sat himself down on the highest peek.

The little hill cried out in a faint and far away squeak.

Giant, giant please get off of me.

If you don't t shall be the end of me.

But the giant called out "I like it here can't you see."

A lullaby sung by a father over fifty-years ago.

To his four small children, in a small home, on a small street in a small town called Weymouth.

Dad Texas is so much closer to heaven than Massachusetts. If you have the time on your way to heaven maybe you could take the time to stop and chat for a bit. We have so much left un-said.

Your child two of four. ~ Dad Tracey 12/28/1932 ~ 02/17/2017

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