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The Neighborhood Gang

A Tale of Fifteen Friendships from the Seventies, a Decade of  Change.

Taking off our shoes, we stepped onto the sands of our once-upon-a-time. 

~ trace

The Neighborhood Gang is a tale of fifteen friends growing up together in the seventies in a small, coastal, blue-collar town in Massachusetts called Weymouth. There were no movie stars in this gang or slick, funny scripts for day-to-day life in the neighborhood. However, there was friendship, drinking, drugs, music, and love. In short, it’s the true story of a group of kids who chose a unique brand of friendship.​ 

And so, our story begins…

~ trace

On Sale March 1st.
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Fifty-plus years ago, I was thirteen and a little unsteady as the seventies approached. With my friends Joe and Jim, I left the sanctuary of childhood, the sixties, and Frank Rd. and started the long journey into the seventies and young adulthood. Drugs, booze, music, sweet music, and girls were just over the horizon.
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