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Rediscover the true meaning of fear in The Nursery Rhymes collection of horror stories from author D.L. Tracey ~ Starting with Lullaby ~ If you dare.

Was she possessed by the goddess Aphrodite – or by Lyssa? The questions are terrifying – the answers are far more fearful.

The man who loved her and the priest who helped guide her watch the girl they thought they knew so well as they listen to the unimaginably shocking words pouring from her mouth. How could a girl this beautiful be so familiar with such evil? How could a creature so light and airy be captive to such dark forces?

D.L. Tracey invites you on a hellish journey deep into madness, to a place so insane that even Satan himself would pause before entering to call on this manifestation of evil known as ~ Knick-Knack the Clown.

THE NEW VOICE OF HORROR ~ D.L. Tracey’s newest book, LULLABY, is a page-turning horror novel of suspense, love, lust, and madness.

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