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During my childhood, I eagerly awaited Tuesday nights to gather around the television with my family and watch "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father". I would often daydream about the joys of having a single father raising an intelligent child, secretly yearning for that kind of life. However, little did I know that everything would change on a chilly February morning in 1991, when a series of events unfolded, forever altering my life and the life of an eight-year-old boy whom I have grown to adore more with each passing year. I am immensely proud to call him my son, and my love for him surpasses anything else in this world. This heartfelt story is dedicated to you, my dear son. I want you to comprehend the immense bravery you have displayed and how proud I am of you for conquering numerous challenges. As we continue our journey together, this is where our story truly begins... Dad.

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