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Journey of Love

As an author I tend to see most things as a story of life. Having dinner last night in Southlake Texas outdoors I saw a story of lasting love. Glancing to my left I saw a very old obese couple. The man in beige shorts and a gray bowling shirt two knee braces on his knees for support. The woman is dressed in long a pink flower dress that hangs just below her knees. They are waiting for the cars to pass so they can make their trek across the small intersection. Both were bent over with the weight of age on their shoulders. You could see life was beating them down hard.

Very overweight legs swollen to no definition pale transparent skin with the blotches of age showing everywhere as they started to try and cross the street. The man throwing one leg in front of the other walking like a wobble as the lady joined the wobble as they slowly made it across to the safety of the other side. What makes this a moment for me was the only thing I saw was the tight grasp they had on each other’s hand for support,

I told Laura of the journey of love I had seen that day and hoped we would make it to that part of our life together. My wife told me I was well on my way and yes, she would join me as we crossed that intersection of life.

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