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A Winnie The Pooh Moment ~ Granddaughter

Only a few of my friends know of my special love for my son Paul and the reason behind it. From day one Paul gave me a reason to grow-up and live as an adult and try to live a better life every day. I had too for his sake. The years have quickly pass and my little man has become a dad with his own set of problems of day to day life.

I called him yesterday to chat about life and my granddaughter Keira. During our talk about the new CONID-19 going around. I asked him what plans he had made for his daughter if the unthinkable happen to him and his wife. What would happen to Keira and her day to day life.

He paused for a moment I could feel him smile quietly over the other end of the phone and he spoke. “Like with me dad when I was left alone, and my mother died you happen. If something ever happens to us, you will happen again and Keira will be fine of that I am sure.

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