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DL Tracey Author, Suspense, Life, Smile, Cry, Terror & More




Rediscover the true meaning of fear in The Nursey Rhymes collection of horror stories from author D.L. Tracey ~ Starting with Lullaby ~ If you dare.


Was she possessed by the goddess Aphrodite – or by Lyssa? The questions are terrifying - the answers far more fearful.

In the tradition of Steven King and Alfred Hitchcock, a page-turning horror suspense novel of love, lust, and madness. The man who loved her and her priest who helped guide her watch the girl they thought they knew so well and listened to the unimaginably shocking words pouring from her mouth. How could a girl this pretty be so familiar with such evil? How could a creature so light and so airy be captive to such dark forces?

Let me invite you on a journey deep into evil, to a place where even Satan himself may pause before he enters to call on this manifestation of evil known as ~ Knick-Knack the Clown.

DL Tracey Author, Suspense, Life, Smile, Cry, Terror & More

Quote Joe

The Neighborhood Gang ~ A tale of fourteen kids from a small costal blue-collar town in Massachusetts called Weymouth, growing up in the 70’s.


There were no movies stars in this gang or slick funny scripts for our day-to-day life in the Neighborhood.


However, there were friendship, drinking, drugs, music in short real life of a group of kids that choose such a special brand of friendship.

Oct. 2021


As a small child I used to run to the Television set on I think it was Tuesday nights (hard to remember after all these years) and sit quietly as my family and I watched the Courtship of Eddie s Father. I always thought quietly to myself how cool it would be. A single dad raising a smart kid and secretly wished for just that life.


Little did I know that on that cold early morning in February 1991 a chain of events was happening that would forever change the life of me and a little eight-year-old boy who over these many years I have grown to love more each day. I am ever so proud to call this child my son. I love him more than life itself.

                        "Let me tell you about my best friend"

And so, our story begins……… D.L. Tracey.

The Salem Witch Trials many innocent men and women were burned alive. The innocent were dead and had no recourse for justice,

The guilty well that's another story.


DL Tracey Author, Suspense, Life, Smile, Cry, Terror & More


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