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Rediscover the true meaning of fear in The Nursey Rhymes collection of horror stories from author D.L. Tracey ~ Starting with Lullaby ~ If you dare.

Was  she possessed by the goddess Aphrodite – or by Lyssa? The questions are terrifying – the answers far more fearful.

THE NEW VOICE OF HORROR ~ D.L. Tracey’s newest book, LULLABY, is a page-turning horror novel of suspense, love, lust, and madness.

The man who loved her and the priest who helped guide her watch the girl they thought they knew so well as they listen to the unimaginably shocking words pouring from her mouth. How could a girl this beautiful be so familiar with such evil? How could a creature so light and airy be captive to such dark forces?


D.L. Tracey invites you on a hellish journey deep into madness, to a place so insane that even Satan himself would pause before entering to call on this manifestation of evil known as ~ Knick-Knack the Clown.


Early in 1692 hysteria had begun to  afflict a small village in Northern Massachusetts called Salem. It all started when a group of woman started to display bizarre behavior. The tight knit community was at a loss to explain the convulsive seizures, blasphemous screaming, and the trance-like states that affected the woman. Local physicians called into examine the woman were at loss and could find no natural causes for the disturbing behavior. The local clergymen called it witchcraft.

On a cold February morning   in the year of our lord 1692, the small village of Salem committed a  horrible atrocity steaming from fear, bigotry, hatred, and ignorance.

The Salem Witch Trials many innocent men and women were burned alive.


The innocent were dead and had no recourse for justice ~

                                                   The guilty well that's another story.

Little House of Horrors

The nurse had already killed her aged and sick father on orders from her mother to protect her wretched secret of betrayal and collect the money from his death a few years earlier. But now the mother found herself in the same bed with the daughter turned nurse hovering over her with syringe in hand.


All paperwork signed the daughter would now control the estate of her parent’s. “Time to go mom.” The daughter smiled as she injected the lethal dose of morphine into her now dying mothers  I.V.

Based on a true story
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Suspense Thriller Horror | D. L. Tracey  THE NEW VOICE OF HORROR
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