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The Neighborhood Gang

A Tale of Fourteen Friendships from the 70’s

A Decade of Change  ~  Trace



Taking off our shoes we stepped onto the sands of our once upon a time.

The Neighborhood Gang A tale of fourteen friendships from a small costal blue-collar town in Massachusetts called Weymouth growing up in the 70’s. There were no movie stars in this gang or slick funny scripts for our day-to-day life in the neighborhood. However, there was friendship, drinking, drugs music, love in short real life of a group of kids that choose such a special brand of friendship.​ 

And so, our story begins……… trace

Fifty- plus years ago, I was thirteen and a little unsteady as the seventies approached, and I left the safety of Frank Rd. Walking with Joe and Jim we left our sanctuary of youngness and the sixties and started the long journey of our youth into the seventies and our teens. Drugs, Booze, Music Sweet Music, and girls were just over the horizon.

Innocence of Guilt

Fired, retired, kick out, booted out, thrown out, drummed out, axed, sacked, and just plain ousted you get the picture now former detective Scott Crownover was no longer part of the San Francisco P.D. in case you didn’t understand.

Bills were piling up like dog shit in the living room. So, any job was a job. The job seem to be a perfect twenty-one ace and king hung out on the table easy scratch for just proving guilt of an already guilty man. “So why didn’t I see the train rushing down the track right at me?” Because as my old man always said about me  I’m a dumb ass.

This joint stinks but it’s where I needed to be. It was the last stop on an endless stops through the slums dive bars of this toilet city Discovery Bay I was now at the bottom of the barrel Eddie’s Place but this was the joint kinda of felt like home to me.  And this is where I found the dame L.J. Short for Lucky Jeannette or so they say.


She was a size 6 stuffed into a size 4 dress and she looked good. Armed with a pair of 32-DDD’s she was out hunting for bear, and I was hoping I was the bear. But everyone in this dingy joint hoped they were bears. What pack of drunks and losers this bunch was but weren’t we all.

This dame had the information I needed, innocence or guilt. Right now, I didn’t really care Lucky Jeannette was just warming up on stage and this pack of drunks drooling like me were letting her know they wants a slow show.

Courtship of Paul's Father

As a small child I used to run to the Television set on I think it was Tuesday nights (hard to remember after all these years) and sit quietly as my family and I watched the Courtship Of Eddie s Father. I always thought quietly to myself how cool it would be. A single dad raising a smart kid and secretly wished for just that life.


Little did I know that on that cold early morning in February 1991 a chain of events was happening that would forever change the life of me and a little eight-year-old boy who over these many years I have grown to love more each day. I am ever so proud to call this child my son. I love him more than life itself. This story is for you, my son.


So that you realize how brave you have been and how proud I am that you have overcome so much. As we continue our journey thru life together.


And so, our story begins………Dad


The Curse of Sarah Gwen

Early in 1692 hysteria had begun to  afflict a small village in Northern Massachusetts called Salem. It all started when a group of woman started to display bizarre behavior. The tight knit community was at a loss to explain the convulsive seizures, blasphemous screaming, and the trance-like states that affected the woman. Local physicians called into examine the woman were at loss and could find no natural causes for the disturbing behavior. The local clergymen called it witchcraft.

On a cold February morning   in the year of our lord 1692, the small village of Salem committed a  horrible atrocity steaming from fear, bigotry, hatred, and ignorance.

The Salem Witch Trials many innocent men and women were burned alive.


The innocent were dead and had no recourse for justice ~

                                         The guilty well that's another story.

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