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The Gang

D.L. Tracey

The Neighborhood Gang

Published on July 01 th, 2024

Memoirs of the 70s: A Decade of Change

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Be part of the excitement and attend a book signing release party for D.L. Tracey newest book  "The Neighborhood Gang"  at a book store near you. 


Meet trace and have him sign a book for you. Talk shop and tell him of your times back in the day. ​~  Order your copy now and have DL Tracey personalized a message just for you or as a gift for your favorite book reader.

Check back often to see when you will get a chance to meet D.L. Tracey and get a signed copy of this classic memoir capturing the experiences of coming of age during the 1970s"The Neighborhood Gang"

January 18th 2024, The Breakfast Club, Virtual Book Reading of D.L. Tracey, 7PM - 8PM EST

Heading 6

January 31st 2024, The Good Read Club, Online Conversation with D.L. Tracey, 8PM - 9PM EST

March 2nd 2024, Otto Cafe, Online Book Reading With D.L. Tracey, 3PM - 4PM EST

DL Tracey

About D.L. Tracey

Author D.L. Tracey, an American fiction writer, writes books that run the gambit of life. His main passion is horror, fiction, and suspense. He writes in the style of Alfred Hitchcock, known as "the Master of Suspense", and Robert Albert Bloch, a cheerfully ghoulish genre writer, best known for his mid-century chiller Psycho and its memorable adaptation by Alfred Hitchcock.

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